A symbiotic network to propel innovation.

Foundry is a unique offering in the venture capital market with a symbiotic network that propels innovation.

Founded in 2007, our firm manages more than $3 billion for our limited partners, and has invested in hundreds of companies and dozens of venture funds.

We know that our mission is larger than the work of individual investors, or even our firm. It must be the work of multiple constituents with clear intentions - partners, founders, teams, and limited partners.


We are seeding this network, but we have no designs to be at the center of it. Our team, and our firm, is one of several critical components of the Foundry Network, but the impact of this is much bigger than the performance of a single firm.


Founders and their teams join a trusted community of operators and investors who support one another through the journey of entrepreneurship.

Partner Funds

We partner with other funds to offer access, resources, and thought partnership in order to maximize impact, together.

Limited Partners

Our Limited Partners get access to a trusted network of talented innovators and investors, unlocking new technologies and unique opportunities often undiscovered by the rest of the industry.

Our team brings expertise, conscientious candor, openness, and curiosity. Put simply, we approach venture differently.

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