Our Investment in Pie Digital

by Foundry

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the Foundry Group family, Pie Digital. Pie has developed an affordable software platform, desktop device and service that, together, dramatically simplify the installation, maintenance and expansion of home computing equipment and networks. Pie makes it easy for consumers to connect and maintain their computers and the multitude of other digital devices in their home, enabling them to access and share documents, music and video files without worrying about the complexities of technology support. Simply put, Pie has created an “IT department in a box” for the average consumer.

At the present time, Pie is keeping their heads down and aren’t quite ready to announce to the world all of their plans, but we can tell you that Pie is another investment in our Digital Life theme. We are excited about the idea of them making our digital lives much easier to live in. Once they publicly launch, we’ll blog about them in depth.

The company is located in San Francisco and consists of founders John Barnhill, Drew Banks and Jeff Hansen and their diverse experience base from such companies like Apple, DHL, IBM, SGI, TeleSuite, Xerox and Wang. Welcome folks, along with the entire Pie team. We look forward to your future successes.