Jason is appointed to the NVCA Board

by Brad Feld

The annual meeting of the National Venture Capital Association just wrapped up in Boston yesterday. As you can imagine in these economic times there was plenty for the group (which is the industry association representing the approximately 450 venture capital firms in the United States) to discuss.  If you’re interested, Jason has a post on his blog talking about the main news from the meeting – the NVCA’s view on how to fix the current crisis for venture backed companies in the capital markets.

For us, there was another important announcement at the meeting this week – that Jason has joined the board of the NVCA. This is a both an important and well deserved honor that puts Jason in a position to significantly effect our industry over the next four years of his term on the board. Jason has been involved with the NVCA for years, particularly founding and working actively with a group that put together the NVCA’s model financing docs (if you are a venture backed company that has closed a round in the last few years chances are pretty high that you benefited from this effort).

We’re extremely proud of Jason and the leadership he’s shown on a national level in our industry that led up to this significant honor. Please join us in congratulating him on this great achievement.