The new Foundry Group website

by Seth Levine

050809_Foundry Group_159

We’ve been flattered with the feedback on our new Foundry Group website design.  We had a lot of fun putting it together and are really happy with how it turned out. Websites for venture firms can be a challenge and in our case we wanted to create a site that was informative, serious but not stuffy and corporate. It was also important to us that it reflected our personalities.

The front page picture for us is the real highlight of the new design.  Our intent was to poke fun at ourselves; not to imply that we were about to form the new Foundry Group band (although Jason and Ryan are indeed in a band together). The shot is actually a take-off on the iconic Reservoir Dogs picture (not of U2 as some have speculated). 

The picture came about almost by accident. After taking a bunch of individual candid shots (some of which ended up on our respective bio pages) we headed out to take some more industrial looking “Foundry” pictures in an alley near our office. Just before we left Seth’s wife, Greeley, called to suggest that we stage a Reservoir Dogs picture for fun. It was the last photo we took that afternoon and it wasn’t our intention at the time to use it anywhere on the site (we took a bunch of different group shots that day specifically for that purpose).  Fast forward a few weeks to when the photographer sent us the proofs. Upon opening these final shots of the day the unanimous and immediate thought was “this has to be on the front page of our new site”.

We’ve kept much of the content from the prior version of our site and continue to have the focus of much of the site on our blog as well as information on the companies in which we have investments.