Memeo Connect for Google Apps

by Ryan McIntyre

Today, Foundry Group portfolio company Memeo announced the newest product in their suite of applications: Memeo Connect for Google Apps, which leverages new functionality announced by Google: the ability to upload all file types to Google Docs’ cloud-based storage. In addition to providing the ability to upload arbitrary file types to Google Docs, the Official Google Enterprise Blog also announced that Google Apps Premier Edition users will soon be able to use the Google Documents List Data API to upload files to Google Docs in batch, or to purchase applications offered by third parties to enable users to migrate and sync their files to Google Docs.

Memeo Connect is a cross-platform application that allows Google Apps Premier customers to access, migrate and synchronize files between their desktop and Google Docs.   Simply put, Memeo Connect allows users to have local copies of all the files and folders in their Google Docs collection synced in real time to any number of their computers (Mac or Windows).

This provides two huge benefits to users: first, it enables users to access and edit their docs while offline, and, second, it allows batch upload and conversion of Microsoft Office documents (and other formats) to Google Docs. If you’re interested in learning more, PC World provides a good analysis of Memeo’s and Google’s announcements, while Memeo has provided a nice screen-cast demo of Memeo Connect on YouTube:

We’re very excited that Memeo and Google have teamed up to offer this strategically important functionality to Google Apps Premier Edition customers. Memeo Connect helps resolve some of the biggest hurdles potential Google Apps customers have when contemplating moving from Microsoft Office to Google Apps: namely offline access and the ability to migrate legacy document collections to the cloud.

Memeo Connect helps bridge the divide between the cloud and the desktop and addresses the simple reality that Google Docs and Microsoft Office documents are going to co-exist in real-world environments for the foreseeable future – even if an enterprise commits completely to Google Apps for its office productivity suite, MSFT Office docs will still find their way in to their environment via partners, vendors and customers.

When we invested in Memeo in 2007, we saw the potential of Memeo’s technology platform to provide consumers and business users with sophisticated, real-time, content-aware backup, sync and media sharing tools, functionality which falls squarely into our Digital Life investment theme. Since our investment, Memeo has released and iterated on an entire suite of award-winning products which include Memeo Instant Backup, Memeo AutoSync, Memeo Share, Memeo Send and, now, Memeo Connect for Google Apps. To date, Memeo has distributed over 45 million licenses for their software to users in 150 countries and 35,000 companies, 144 of which are in the Fortune 1000. With the addition of Memeo Connect for Google Apps to their product line, we see the potential for Memeo to reach millions more users. Congrats, Memeo!