Introducing: Trada

by Seth Levine

Today is the public launch of Trada – a company we’ve been working with for the last 18 months to develop a platform that we believe will revolutionize search marketing. The fundamental premise is pretty straightforward: search campaigns are better managed by experts. The Trada platform brings together a “crowd” of search marketing experts to work on search campaigns of Trada advertisers across multiple search engines (currently Google, Yahoo and Bing). These experts propose ad copy, manage ad groups and keywords and deliver clicks (and conversions) to Trada advertisers for an advertiser determined price. Because the company leverages a group of experts, campaigns in the Trada system have more keywords (6,200 on average), a larger number of people working them (the system average is 24 optimizers per campaign) and as a result better success (the company’s customers see reductions in cost per conversion in some cases of over 25% even while increasing their search spending).

You can read more about the business at www.trada.com, on Seth’s post about the launch here and in this morning’s TechCrunch piece here. Trada founder Niel Robertson also has a great post about the genesis of the company up on the Trada blog.