Our Investment in Openspace

by Foundry

We are excited to welcome Openspace to our family. We made a seed investment back in October 2010 and the company asked us to hold off announcing anything until they had a few things ironed out.

Openspace is a one-stop marketplace for buying apps, music, books and movies for smart phones, tablets and desktops.  They are approaching building an app store from an open community perspective, via the Developers Cooperative, which we thought aligned well with our newest theme Distribution.  The App Store market is maturing quickly and it’s been exciting helping founders Robert Reich and Randy Watler chart the evolving landscape.

The first version of Openspace is focused on, but not limited to HTML5 – the one real competitor to all existing device centric mobile, tablet and desktop app stores. The company’s approach to managing, syncing and discovering apps is really unique. Their client applications work across all devices and platforms, but leverage the local devices’ operating environments for launching apps, playing music, reading books, or playing movies. Pairing these features with a store makes for a seamless cross-platform user experience that does not exist today.

Robert also built this kick ass skateboard to celebrate the funding.  Developers can register their apps: https://developerscoop.com and if you would like an invite to the closed beta of the store send a note to [email protected].