Foundry Group Beer!

by Ryan McIntyre

Today we are releasing our first batch of Foundry Group beer: the Liquidation Preference Spring Equinox Ale. As many of you know, we are serious beer nerds at Foundry Group – if you need further proof, check out Ryan’s photolog of the beers he’s enjoyed over the years. Way back in the stone ages of the early 90s, Ryan even used to brew his own beer.

We decided that a cool perk for our LPs, portfolio company founders and CEOs and would be to create a batch of Foundry Group beer and send these members of the Foundry Group family a 22oz bomber of beer.

So we teamed up with TechStars and Foundry Group portfolio alum Matt Galligan (and serious home brewer) to brew and bottle a batch of beer at his home in San Francisco. Consider this our first foray into the world of biotech – yeast fermentation is of course the first example of humans harnessing the power of biotechnology.

We hope folks enjoy it! See below for a cool video Matt put together of the brewing process, just to verify that only yeast, hops and barley we harmed during the process.

Brew. from Matt Galligan on Vimeo.