Joining The Board of Harmonix

by Brad Feld

We are pleased to announce that Brad will be joining the board of Harmonix. The company, best known for developing three massive game franchises – Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central – is hard at work on a new generation of games that transform the way humans and computers interact.

Given our deep focus on human-computer interaction, it was easy for us to decide to get involved with Harmonix. We’ve learned an enormous amount about the intersection of human-computer interaction and video games over the past five years through our investments in Zynga, Sifteo, and Orbotix. We’ve continued to stretch the envelope of human-computer interaction with investments in Oblong, Occipital, and Organic Motion. We’ve seen, and experienced, first hand the power of using different HCI paradigms to capture human emotion and interaction in different contexts.

We’ve known the Harmonix founders, Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy, for 18 years. What they and their team have accomplished is the stuff of legends, and the new games they’ve showed us are all mind-blowing. We believe once again they are about to give us a window into the future. It’s an honor and a delight to get to work with them.