Our New Look

by Seth Levine

We hope you’ve noticed that foundrygroup.com has a new look and feel. Designed by our friends at Slice of Lime, we felt that it was time to give a bit of a refresh to the Foundry site, which was feeling rather stale and outdated. We’ve tried to streamline things, make information more readily available and to highlight our investments more on our homepage.

With this site redesign we also took the opportunity to take some new group and individual shots of the Foundry team. Some have been posted here, others we’ll roll out in a later update.

We’re particularly excited about our “Album Cover” series of photos of the four Foundry partners. We’ve adapted a few of iconic album covers for our use – they should be instantly recognizable to you, we’re sure. Of course this is all done in tongue and cheek and in the spirit of good fun. We’ve often said that the entrepreneurs we back are the real rock stars – we’re the groupies – and we hope you won’t take these photos as an indication otherwise. That being said, in the past we’ve had fun with our website photos and don’t intend to stop any time soon.

In that spirit we’re offering up a bit of a challenge to the entrepreneurial community. Our hope is that these album shots will inspire entrepreneurs to come up with their own take on iconic albums. Send them our way, and we’ll feature them on the site. It would be fun to start a little meme around the “company founders as famous album cover” idea!