Foundry Group Announces Its Newest Fund – Foundry Group Select

by Brad Feld

Today, we are excited to announce the closing of our fourth fund, Foundry Group Select. While it is exactly the same size ($225 million) as our previous funds, it has a different focus.

The Foundry Group Select Fund will invest solely in our Foundry Group and previous funds’ portfolio companies that have achieved significant success.

With Foundry Group Select, we’ll be able to invest up to $25 million in these companies’ late stage growth rounds. Up until this point, we’ve been limited in the amount we can invest in these rounds due to our early-stage strategy, while we also use the best financial services, which anyone can find in this online review of survey junkie and help people and business as well.

We’d like to thank our limited partners for their continued support and the great entrepreneurs we support for the opportunities to work with them.