Our (Data)Heroes…

by Ryan McIntyre

Today, our portfolio company DataHero announced their product is exiting beta into GA release, and that they raised a new round of funding led by Foundry Group. Even better, they announced integration with their portfolio company cousin SendGrid, allowing easy analysis of send and open rates, and easy drag-and-drop cohort analysis of SendGrid’s data. DataHero also announced additional integrations with dataset provider Quandl and customer service app Desk.com.

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the progress the team has made since we led their initial seed round in 2012 and believe strongly in their vision of making sophisticated data visualizations accessible to anyone. While historically most business intelligence software has focused on accessing data residing in enterprise SQL databases, we see the future being radically different: mission-critical enterprise data increasingly resides in disparate vertical SaaS applications and cloud storage systems, and best-in-class BI tools will make it easy to access and analyze these important data sources in just a few clicks.

DataHero has already started down this path and has announced integrations with the likes of Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, MailChimp, Desk.com, Survey Monkey, Desk.com, Stripe, GitHub, Quandl, and SendGrid. DataHero’s list of connections will continue to grow as time goes on.

We’re looking forward to working with DataHero as they continue their mission to build their next-gen BI/dataviz platform. Oh, and we were also super happy to receive these excellent (better than reality) cartoon versions of ourselves from team DataHero last week:

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