Prompt.ly – Our Second FG Angels Investment

by Ryan McIntyre

We’re excited to announce our investment in Prompt.ly, our second FG Angels investment. Today, Prompt.ly announced they have closed a $1.5M financing, with $325,000 coming from our FG Angels syndicate.

Prompt.ly provides a mobile-first SaaS platform to empower the “invisible economy” of service providers across the world – think psychologists, massage therapists, personal trainers, housecleaners, tutors, gardeners, etc. It is estimated that these service providers account for over $1 trillion of economic activity annually in the US alone. You can watch Prompt.ly’s introductory video to learn more.

Ryan knows Prompt.ly founder/CEO Richard D. Titus from attending The Lobby Conference with him for many years. Among other things, Richard was co-founder of Schematic (acquired WPP) and Razorfish Los Angeles. He was also executive producer of the documentary film Who Killed the Electric Car?  Prompt.ly co-founder/CTO Eli-Shaoul Khedouri is a serial entrepreneur and previously served as Chief Architect of Information Security Systems for New York City in the wake of 9/11.

We are excited about the deep entrepreneurial and technical background of the founders of Prompt.ly and we are intrigued by their vision of a mobile-first SaaS app that integrates aspects of CRM, time management, accounting, and payments into a single app that can serve all the business needs of solo entrepreneurs and service providers. We also like how Prompt.ly nicely fits into our Marketplace and Distribution themes.

Now that we have closed our first two FG Angels investments and worked some of the kinks out of the process, we look forward to steadily increasing our investment pace and working towards our goal of closing fifty AngelList investments in a year’s time.