ARTtwo50 – Our Third FG Angels Investment

by Brad Feld

We are excited to announce our third FG Angels investment in ARTtwo50 – who have raised $285K from our FG Angels syndicate.

If you’ve been to our offices, you know we are fans (and collectors) of original art. But, the art world is very top-down, rigid, and has remained relatively unchanged for decades. The ARTtwo50 team of designers, hackers, and Stanford d.school and business school grads has created a wholly different approach that they believe will change the way we buy and sell art.

ARTtwo50 has come up with a clever marketplace for emerging artists and collectors at modest price points.  All of the original, one-in-the-universe pieces from one of their 1000+ US-based artists start at $250. As artists sell more pieces, they unlock the ability to sell at higher price points. You simply take a photo of their space on the iPad application (and soon to be iPhone and elsewhere) and you receive recommendations based on colors of your space, location, and demographics displayed virtually hanging on your wall – to scale – before you buy.

So discover great art, try it on your wall, and live originally with ARTtwo50.