FG Angels Invests in Uvize

by Foundry

We’re excited to announce our latest FG Angels investment: Uvize.

Uvize provides schools with an innovative software platform that their helps military veterans succeed in college. They partner with universities to deliver an online extension to their veterans center. The community site is a essentially a network that connects students with the right veteran classmate, mentor, or advisor when they need it.

Uvize also delivers incoming veterans academic orientation and preparation classes in an amazing online environment. Building skills and community before school starts increases the success rate of veterans. Uvize is founded by military veterans and a college educator.

An estimated 85% of military veterans currently fail to graduate college.  This represents billions in lost revenues to schools, but also a huge social cost as well.  Uvize aims to change that statistic.

CEO David Cass and Jason have know each other for years through a mutual friend.   CTO David Parker was a former student in Jason’s class that he teaches at the University of Colorado Law School.  Jason was a mentor to Uvize during their participation in the Techstars Kaplan program last year.

Welcome Davids!