Our Investment in Rachio

by Foundry

We’re happy to announce our latest FG Angels investment in Rachio.

Rachio has created a device called “Iro” which is a smart irrigation controller that is powered by intelligent cloud-based software and is controlled via an intuitive, lightning-fast iPhone and Android app or web-dashboard. Iro is incredibly easy to install and set up, replacing only the existing control box, and modernizes the entire irrigation system. With the push of a button in the app, Iro connects to the internet via WiFi.

Once connected, homeowners have full control at their fingertips. Sprinklers can be turned on instantaneously from anywhere in the world. Or, allow Rachio’s intelligent software to automatically manage scheduling. Automated scheduling is optimized for water-efficiency and landscape, utilizing variables including: landscape characteristics, weather, seasonality, water budgets and user feedback. Iro provides homeowners with a product experience that empowers them to have better landscapes with less time, less water and less money so they can spend more time enjoying their yard.

Founder Matt Reisman was a former student in the class that Jason co-teaches at the University of Colorado.  Jason and Matt have stayed in touch since Matt took the class and we are excited to work with him and the team.