Our Investment in HelloSign

by Ryan McIntyre

We are excited to announce that Foundry Group Next has completed its Series B financing in HelloSign. HelloSign is based in San Francisco and makes the excellent HelloSign App and API, HelloFax, and the recently launched HelloWorks, which allows developers to convert documents and forms into intelligent workflows within their applications.

HelloSign’s API-driven platform approach to its product suite means the company fits squarely in our Glue and Protocol themes. Today, eSignatures and the additional data capture surrounding them are a vital part of many high-value (and high-stakes) workflows: for example, Instacart uses HelloWorks to streamline the on-boarding process for thousands of shoppers.

We have been long-time users and fans of HelloSign. Michael Neril at Spider Capital, one of our Foundry Group Next GPs, along with multiple entrepreneurs we work with reconnected us with the HelloSign co-founders Joseph Walla and Neal O’Mara, who were contemplating raising a new round.

We dug in for a deep look at the company, and were immediately impressed not only with the business but also with the culture that the company had developed over years of bootstrapping the business. We believe the market for eSignature is in its infancy (something perhaps not readily apparent in the tech business with so many of us already switching over to electronic vs. “wet” signings) and are excited about an even more digital, mobile and fluid future powered by HelloSign products.

They’ve built a great suite of products and a fast-growing and cashflow-positive business on a modest amount of funding – exactly the kind of business we get excited about. We’re looking forward to working with the team at HelloSign to build the future of modern document workflows.

Oh, and if you request a signature from any of us at Foundry Group, be sure to do it via HelloSign! (Seriously, we’re only signing via HelloSign from now on.)