Our Investment in Spekit

by Jaclyn Hester

Spekit Co-founders Zari Zahra and Melanie Fellay

We are pleased to announce our investment in Spekit’s Series A financing alongside our partner funds, Bonfire Ventures and Matchstick Ventures, as well as Renegade Partners, Operator Collective, and others. Spekit is a digital adoption and enablement platform for in-app employee training. Founded in Denver, Colorado, in 2018 by Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra, Spekit streamlines employee training and onboarding by delivering contextualized and personalized in-app learning experiences to its users.

Spekit addresses two major challenges for the SaaS-driven distributed workplace: driving adoption in a rapidly evolving technological landscape and delivering employees the knowledge they need, when they need it. The need to quickly adapt and thrive using new software is a growing challenge for any business in today’s market, accelerated by an increasingly remote and distributed workforce. Spekit combines the power of a digital adoption platform, an LMS and an enablement solution, solving knowledge and productivity challenges by surfacing real-time, contextual training, processes and guidance directly within the applications that employees use every day.

Melanie and Zari met while working at RealtyShares, where they experienced firsthand the acute pain point of adoption and enablement. They left to launch Spekit and have built a platform beloved by customers that is brilliantly designed to mirror how individuals actually learn, absorb, and retain knowledge. As the only Salesforce-certified vendor in this space, Spekit offers a unique value proposition to large enterprises that require seamless integration at scale. Delighted customers include Southwest Airlines, Outreach.io, JLL, Uber Freight, Databricks and more. 

We love investing with our partner funds, especially in companies in our own backyard. Spekit falls into our Glue theme, alongside Pantheon, Mapbox, Code Climate, and StackHawk. We are thrilled to partner with Spekit to build innovative solutions for employee empowerment and the future of work. You can read more about Spekit and the financing here.