Our Investment in 8base

by Chris Moody

Standing up and managing full stack software development teams is hard and can be expensive. Founders are faced with a near endless set of decisions when building their technology platforms. 8base is making it easier and faster to write and deploy code with its suite of low-code tools for building data models, custom logic, APIs, connections to external systems, cloud-based hosting, security, authentication, and frontend applications. Many no-code and low-code solutions are great for prototyping but don’t scale for enterprise needs. 8base offers all the benefits of low-code with the tremendous benefit of supporting scaled enterprise solutions too. 

Gartner reports that by 2024, 65% of software applications will be built using low-code tools. 8base’s API- first, three- tier, serverless architecture and compatibility with popular languages make it a great choice for developers looking for a product that will scale effectively as their teams grow.  Backend tools include a visual data schema builder, database configuration aids, and spreadsheet- like data views to give technical staff everything they need to deploy agilely. 8base also facilitates simple frontend development with a powerful drag-and-drop interface that connects to any backend.

We were introduced to 8base by Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director for Techstars Austin, after 8base successfully completed the Techstars Austin program. 8base Founder & CEO, Albert Santalo, is a proven entrepreneur. Prior to 8base, Albert was chairman and CEO of CareCloud. He is driven and resourceful, and he has assembled a nimble and scrappy team based in Miami, Florida. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to lead their recent Series A financing alongside Techstars, Firebrand Ventures, and 11 Tribes Ventures.