Our Investment in Regard

by Jaclyn Hester

“The technology is magical.”

When we hear a statement like this from one of our partner funds, we pay attention. This one came from David Waxman of TenOneTen Ventures several years ago during a portfolio review. He was referring to a portfolio company called Regard (formerly known as HealthTensor), which is building an artificial intelligence co-pilot for physicians to help diagnose medical conditions.

If you’ve seen a doctor recently, they’ve likely had a laptop in tow. Physicians are spending substantial time on documentation, which takes away from the time they can spend with patients. While healthcare technology has significant benefits, it often makes a physician’s job harder, not easier. Most physicians did not endure extensive schooling and training to spend more time on documentation than with patients. With nearly 50% of physicians reporting burnout in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and 20% of the clinical workforce leaving the field from 2020 to 2021, this is a critical time for our healthcare system.

Regard’s mission is to bring medicine into the modern era through software that enhances physicians’ workflows and enables them to focus on what matters most—providing the best available care and improving health outcomes. Integrated with leading EMR providers, Epic and Cerner, Regard’s proprietary algorithms mine and then aggregate a patient’s entire medical history via their electronic health record. The software analyzes and synthesizes this patient data, recommends diagnoses, automates note-taking, and even captures missed revenue. As one user describes it, “It’s like having a high-quality medical intern in my pocket.” Since its launch in 2020, Regard’s technology has been used with 30,000 patients and has diagnosed over 420,000 medical conditions that providers might have otherwise missed.

The company was co-founded by CEO Eli Ben-Joseph, COO Nate Wilson, and CTO Thomas Moulia, who, together with the broader team, bring a unique and important combination of technical and industry expertise. We were introduced to the Regard team by two of their seed investors, TenOneTen and Calibrate Ventures, both in the Foundry partner fund portfolio. In line with our network-driven approach of investing with our partner funds, Regard also fits in our Glue theme, alongside companies like Spekit and Code Climate, which similarly leverage integrated technology to enhance user workflows. We co-led Regard’s $15.3m Series A with Calibrate, alongside existing investors TenOneTen and Susa Ventures and new investors Brook Byers and Drew Houston.

We’re thrilled to partner with Regard on its mission to advance healthcare. If you know a healthcare provider, encourage them to check out a demo. While it may not be actual magic, it’s pretty darn close.