Foundry Investments

The following is a list of investments made in vehicles managed by Foundry. Excluded from this list are investments for which the issuer has not provided permission for Foundry to disclose publicly as well as unannounced investments in publicly traded digital assets. Past results of Foundry’s investments, pooled investment vehicles, or investment strategies are not necessarily indicative of future results. There can be no assurance that the investments will be profitable or that other investments made in the future will have similar characteristics or results.

01 Advisors 01, L.P.
01 Advisors 02, L.P.
3D Robotics, Inc.
8base Inc.
A Medium Corporation
Adero, Inc.
AdMeld, Inc.
Airship Group, Inc.
All4Staff, Inc.
Amper Music, Inc.
AppDirect, Inc.
Are You a Human, Inc.
Arryved, Inc.
Arthur Ventures Growth II, L.P.
Arthur Ventures I, L.P.
Arthur Ventures II, L.P.
Arthur Ventures III, L.P.
Arthur Ventures IV, L.P.
Atheer, Inc., Inc.
Authentic8, Inc.
Avid Ventures Fund I, L.P.
AvidXchange, Inc.
Backbone PLM, Inc.
Basis Set Ventures II, L.P. Corporation
Beneath the Ink, Inc.
Betabrand Corporation
BigDoor, Inc.
Binocs, Inc. (fka Revve Inc.)
Blinkfire Analytics, Inc.
BlockNative Corporation
BlueYard Crypto 1, L.P.
Bolster Networks, Inc.
Bolster Ventures, L.P.
Bolt Fund III, L.P.
Bonfire Ventures I, L.P.
Bonfire Ventures II, L.P.
Bonfire Ventures III, L.P.
Bonfire Ventures Select I, L.P.
BoomBoom Prints, Inc.
Borrowed & Blue, Inc.
Boundless Immigration, Inc.
Bowery Capital II, L.P.
Bowery Capital III, L.P.
Brightleaf, Inc.
Broadly, Inc.
BuyNow Worldwide, Inc.
BY Capital 2 GmbH & Co. KG
Cake Ventures Fund I, L.P.
Calibrate Ventures II, L.P.
Calibrate Ventures, L.P.
Caliza, Inc. (dba Landing)
Castiron, Inc. (fka: Zest Software, Inc.)
ChatLingual, Inc.
Cheddar Up, L.L.C.
Cheezburger Network, Inc.
Chewse, Inc.
Chingona Ventures II, L.P.
Chorus Fitness, Inc.
Chowbotics, Inc.
Chute Corp.
Cloud Engines, Inc.
Cloudability, Inc.
CloudTags, Inc.
CO6, Inc.
Code Climate, Inc.
CoinTent, Inc.
ColdQuanta, Inc.
Concrete Rose Fund, L.P.
Costanoa Ventures IV, L.P.
Costanoa Ventures Opportunity Fund II, L.P.
Costanoa Ventures Opportunity Fund, L.P.
Cuseum, Inc.
Data Nerds Marketing, LTD.
Datahero, Inc.
Deduce, Inc.
Dibbs Group, Inc.
Distil Networks, Inc.
Dragon Innovation, Inc.
Drip Global, Inc.
Drync, Inc.
Dwolla, Inc.
Edify Technologies, Inc.
Eightyone Labs, Inc.
Elevate Security, Inc.
Ello, P.B.C.
EmSense Corporation
Epic Games, Inc.
ExpenseBot, Inc.
Felt, L.L.C.
FGN IP Holdings, LLC
Fitbit, Inc.
FloatMe, Corp.
Foodee Media Inc.
Forerunner Partners III, L.P.
Formlabs, Inc.
Fortified Bicycle, Inc.
Founder Collective III, L.P.
Founder Collective IV, L.P.
Foundry Crucible I, LLC
Foundry Crucible II, LLC
Foundry Crucible III, LLC
Freestyle Capital Fund IV, L.P.
Freestyle Capital Fund V, L.P.
Freestyle Capital Fund VI, L.P.
Freestyle Capital Opportunity Fund, L.P.
Fritz Labs Incorporated
FullContact, Inc.
Genome Compiler Corporation
Gist, Inc.
Glowforge, Inc.
Golden Venture Partners Fund III, L.P.
Golden Venture Partners Fund IV L.P.
Groupon, Inc.
GS2, Inc.
Hammerhead Navigation, Inc.
Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.
Havenly, Inc.
HealthTensor, Inc.
Help Scout PBC
High Alpha Capital Fund II, L.P.
High Alpha Capital Fund III, L.P.
High Alpha Co-Investment II, L.L.C.
High Alpha Co-Investment III, LLC
High Alpha Studio II, L.L.C.
High Alpha Studio III, LLC
HiHello, Inc.
Homebrew Ventures III, L.P.
Hustle Fund II, L.P.
Hustle Fund III, L.P.
IA Venture Strategies Fund IV, L.P.
Infinity Group Holdings, L.P.
InscribeAI, Inc., Inc.
Interactive Voice, Inc. (dba ivee)
isocket, Inc.
Jirafe, Inc.
JN Projects, Inc.
Joany, Inc. (fka Impact Health Inc.)
JobHive, Inc.
JumpCloud, Inc.
June Life, Inc.
K9 Ventures III, L.P.
Kindara, Inc.
Kindred Follow-On I, L.P.
Kindred Ventures I, L.P.
Kindred Ventures II, L.P.
Kindred Ventures III, L.P.
Knockaway, Inc.
Lassy Project, Inc.
Leadout Capital II, L.P.
Leap2, L.L.C. (dba
LeChat, Inc. (dba Kato)
Lemnos: The Aegis of Athena Fund, L.P.
Lijit Networks, Inc.
LinkSmart, Inc.
Localize Corporation
Looking Glass Factory, Inc.
Looklist, Inc.
Loop Labs, Inc. (dba Notion)
Loop Mobility, Inc.
Lowercarbon 411.2 L.P.
Lowercarbon 419.1 L.P.
Lowercarbon 7.81, L.P.
Lowercarbon Q>1 Opportunity, L.P.
Ludlow Ventures Detroit I, L.P.
Ludlow Ventures Detroit II, L.P.
Ludlow Ventures Detroit III, L.P.
MakerBot, Inc.
Maketime, Inc.
Mandolin Software, Inc.
Mapbox, Inc.
Maple 2 VC, L.P.
Matchstick Ventures Fund II, L.P.
Matchstick Ventures Fund III, L.P.
Mattermark, Inc.
Medialets, Inc.
Memeo, Inc.
Meru Health Holding, Inc.
Mighty AI, Inc.
Mighty Proud Media, Inc.
Misty Robotics, Inc.
MIXhalo Corp.
Mobify Research and Development, Inc.
MobileDay, Inc.
Mocavo, Inc., Inc.
Modular Robotics, Inc.
Molekule, Inc.
Moment, Inc.
Moonshine Ventures II, L.P.
Moxxie Ventures II, L.P.
Moxxie Ventures, L.P.
Next Big Sound, Inc.
Next Thing Co.
Nift Networks, Inc.
Nima Labs, Inc.
Nix Hydra Games, Inc.
Numerous, Inc.
ObjectLabs Corporation
Oblong Inc.
Occipital, Inc.
Olympus Labs, Inc. (dba Strut)
OnTheGo Platforms, Inc.
OpenSpace, Inc.
Opstarts, Inc.
Optimize Systems Inc.
OrderMark, Inc.
Organic Motion, Inc.
Pana Industries, Inc.
Pantheon Systems, Inc.
Parallel Domain Inc.
Parkifi, Inc.
Pathful, Inc.
Peer5, Inc.
Peeridea, Inc.
Pi, Inc.
Picatcha, Inc. (dba AdsNative)
Pie Digital, Inc.
Pilot Fiber, Inc.
Pioneer Square Labs Holdings II, L.L.C.
Pioneer Square Labs Holdings, L.L.C.
Pioneer Square Ventures Fund I, L.P.
Pioneer Square Ventures Fund II, L.P.
PivotDesk, Inc.
Placeholder Fund I, L.P.
Placeholder Fund II, L.P.
Projector Factory, Inc., Inc.
PumpkinHead, Inc. (dba
Quaddra Software, Inc.
Quiq, Inc.
Rabbl, Inc.
Rachio, Inc.
Ramen, Inc.
React Holdco, Inc.
RealWear, Inc.
Recount Media, Inc.
Red Bird Rising II, L.L.C.
Resolute III, L.P.
Resolute IV, L.P.
Resolute V, L.P.
Return Path, Inc.
Revolar, Inc.
Revolv, Inc.
RL AcquisitionCo, Inc.
Roli Limited
Rover Group, Inc.
Running Tide Technologies, Inc.
Schoolzilla, Inc.
SeatGeek, Inc. Incorporated
SendGrid, Inc.
Sensu, Inc.
SEOmoz, Inc.
Shinesty, Inc.
Sickweather, L.L.C.
SideTour, Inc.
Sifteo, Inc.
Simbulus, Inc.
SimpleGeo, Inc.
SingleFile Technologies, Inc.
Singly, Inc.
SK Ventures IV, L.P.
Slauson & Co. Fund I, L.P.
Smart Coffee Technology, Inc.
Smith & Tinker, Inc.
Snappr, Inc.
Snowball Factory, Inc. (dba
SnowShoeFood, Inc.
Sofar Ocean Technologies, Inc.
SoftTech VC Plus, L.P.
SoftTech VC V, L.P.
Sonic Sensory, Inc.
SoundBetter, Inc.
SourcePoint Technologies, Inc.
sovrn Holdings, Inc.
Spanning Cloud Apps, Inc.
Spekit, Inc.
Sphero, Inc.
Spider Capital Partners I, L.P.
Spider Capital Partners II, L.P.
Spider Capital Partners III, L.P.
Sportsy, Inc.
Spring B Fund I, L.P.
StackHawk, Inc.
Standing Cloud, Inc.
Starting Line Fund II, L.P.
Stateless, Inc.
Stellation Capital I, L.P.
StockTwits, Inc.
Stratasys, Ltd., Inc.
Sumo Logic, Inc.
Suzy, Inc.
Switch Labs, Inc. (dba Threatwave)
Sympoz, Inc.
Taunt, Inc. (fka Heroic Data Inc.)
TeamSnap, Inc.
Techstars Accelerator 2021, L.P.
Techstars Holdings Management, L.L.C.
Techstars Holdings, L.L.C.
Techstars Boston 2011, L.L.C.
Star Power Partners LLC
TechStars Austin 2013, LLC
TechStars Boston 2011 LLC
Techstars Boston 2014 LLC
TechStars Boulder 2011 LLC
TechStars Chicago 2013 LLC
TechStars NYC 2011 LLC
Techstars NYC 2014 LLC
TechStars Seattle 2012 LLC
Star Power Partners II, LLC
TechStars Austin 2016, LLC
Techstars Boulder 2015, LLC
Techstars NYC 2016 LLC
Techstars Seattle 2015 LLC
Techstars Ventures 2017, L.P.
TenOneTen Ventures II, L.P.
TenOneTen Ventures III, L.P.
The Pro’s Closet, Inc.
The Rubicon Project, Inc.
Tidelift, Inc. (fka, Inc.)
Topspin Media, Inc.
Trada, Inc.
Triggit, Inc.
True Ventures V, L.P.
True Ventures VI, L.P.
True Ventures VII, L.P.
Twine Ventures Fund I L.P.
Twist Bioscience Corporation
Twitter, Inc.
Two Bit Circus, Inc.
U Grok It, Inc.
Uber Technologies, Inc.
Uncork Plus II, L.P.
Uncork Plus III, L.P.
Uncork VI, L.P.
Uncork VII, L.P.
Unified Enterprises Corp.
UniqueSound, Inc.
USV 2016, L.P.
USV 2019, L.P.
USV 2021, L.P.
USV 2022, LP
USV Climate 2021, L.P.
USV Opportunity 2019, L.P.
USV Opportunity 2022, L.P.
Uvize, Inc.
VerbalizeIt, Inc.
VictorOps, Inc.
VigLink, Inc.
Visage Enterprise, Inc. (dba Gig Wage)
Wave I, L.P.
Wholesail, Inc.
Whoop, Inc.
Wonolo, Inc.
Work Market, Inc.
Xometry, Inc.
Yesware, Inc.
Zynga, Inc.