Chris Moody


“We aim to be a great partner in good times and bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re soaring or struggling; we’ll bring the same level of help and energy to the partnership with each interaction. This aim is supported by The Foundry Network, where founders and other VCs are surrounded by peers who are excited to share their own knowledge and to learn from one another.”

Chris Moody, aka “Moody,” joined Foundry in 2017 after working as an operator for 27 years. Prior to joining Foundry, he was GM & VP of Twitter’s Data & Enterprise business and CEO of Gnip, a Foundry portfolio company acquired by Twitter in 2014.

Moody has worked in leadership roles at publicly traded companies (Twitter, IBM, Oracle, EDS,) and fast-growth startups (Aquent, Gnip). He has managed teams with thousands of employees spanning 17 countries. He loves working with entrepreneurs to scale their companies while keeping them fun and agile. He particularly enjoys engaging founders around topics involving culture/values, hiring, branding, partnerships, and sales.

Moody loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys riding his bike in the foothills around Boulder and his snowboard in the Rocky Mountains. A huge fan of the Auburn Tigers, he delivered the university’s Spring Commencement Address in 2016.  For some reason, he can’t explain, Moody is also learning to play golf and welcomes any invitation to play. In his spare time, he’s known for creating engaging video content via his own vlog, VentureKills.


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