Victory for VictorOps and Splunk!

by Ryan McIntyre

Today, Splunk announced they are acquiring VictorOps. We invested in VictorOps’ Seed round back in 2012 and it has been our privilege to work with co-founders Todd Vernon, Bryce Ambraziunas, Dan Jones, and the rest of the excellent VictorOps team over the past five years.

We’ve invested in Todd as a co-founder/CTO/CEO three times now: back in the late 90s where he was the CTO of Raindance Communications, as the CEO/founder of Sovrn (formerly Lijit), and as the CEO/founder of VictorOps. Obviously, we are big fans of Todd and his tenacity and persistence in building companies over the years.

VictorOps was built on the vision of empowering DevOps teams by integrating on-call management with centralized system monitoring information, automated escalation, and  real-time communication. This would massively enhance the situational awareness of the operations and development teams within an organization, and therefore drastically reduce system downtime and time-to-resolution of incidents. Their product has realized this vision, as thousands of VictorOps’ customers will attest.

VictorOps announced their initial integration with Splunk back in 2014, as it was one of their most user-requested integrations. In May 2017, VictorOps delivered an even richer integration with Splunk, making it available in the Splunkbase as a custom “Alert Action” in Splunk.

The integration of VictorOps’ and Splunk’s products is a powerful one and enables Splunk to extend the power, reach, and actionability of their platform’s dominance in aggregating and analyzing machine-generated data for their customers.

We think this combination is a powerful and strategic match, and we are excited to see the two companies come together. We’re also happy to welcome another big tech company to the Boulder ecosystem, and proud that VictorOps will be Splunk’s beachhead in Boulder.