Matchstick Ventures has a new fund!

by Jaclyn Hester

Today, our friends at Matchstick Ventures announced their newest fund, Fund III, and we are thrilled to partner with them again. Ryan Broshar and Natty Zola are long-time friends and collaborators with us (you can read about that here), and we couldn’t be happier to share news about their continuing success. They are serial entrepreneurs and Techstars alumni, and we’ve invested alongside them in a number of companies including Stackhawk, Ordermark, and Spekit

With this new fund, Matchstick will continue its focus on software-oriented companies based in the Rockies and North regions of the United States at the pre-seed and seed stage. In addition to providing funding, they will roll out a new initiative called Matchstick Strikers, a network of experts to help companies create community, scale efficiently, attract great talent, build diverse and sustainable workplace cultures, and raise additional capital. 

We admire Ryan and Natty for their commitment to walking the talk. Over 30% of the portfolio companies in their last fund are impact companies, which they define as companies that we believe will generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside financial returns. In addition, over half of their portfolio companies are led by at least one underrepresented founder. As members of Pledge 1%, they will donate 1% of Fund III’s returns to local nonprofits. We love to see our partner funds showing such great leadership.

Matchstick is a great example of our network-driven model of investing, and we look forward to continuing our close partnership with them in this new fund. Congratulations, Ryan and Natty! You can read more about their new fund here and here.